ACTSent, the personal ministry of Bruce and Bonnie Robinson, is committed to the Book, commissioned by the church and commended for national Christians.

ACTSent is an independent enterprise that assists pastors, counsels missionaries, trains leaders and serves ministries primarily in Eastern Europe.

ACTSent envisions Christians and churches living out authentic Christianity as Christ has captured both heart and mind: People stimulated to function under the grace of God as they were created; People free to use innovative methods that fit their context and culture and not constrained by assumed or imported forms; People believing the ageless Bible in the twenty-first century.
ACTSent aims to stimulate existing churches to start new churches. ACTSent will investigate ways to network between churches.

ACTSent seeks to build a fresh community of Christians that understand the world in which they live, engage it, serve it, and lead it in truth and with integrity.

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